Ramsey School of Ballet offers classes Monday through Thursday afternoons and evenings.
Please call for current class schedule and placement.

Whether you have ballet experience or have never danced before, you will feel comfortable in the supportive yet rigorous environment of the adult classes offered at the Ramsey Ballet Studio.

New adult classes forming all the time!
  As our dancers advance focus shifts to refining technique, body lines, and more advanced / intricate barre and center combinations. Girls continue building strength and technique to progress into pointe work.   Our advanced students work in a rigorous and challenging environment further refining all of their current skills, while expanding their abilities in class and choreographed applications, and doing partner work when available.

Students are required to wear proper attire:

- Black leotard, pink tights, and ballet slippers.
- No jewelry or extra clothing should be worn.
- Hair must be neatly and securely pulled back from the face and neck.

"The Ramsey School of Ballet provided me not only with top notch ballet training, but also a lifelong appreciation of the art. Miss Ramsey cares about her students, and her guidance contributed greatly to the development of my self-esteem and confidence."

- Jennifer Strang, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist ~ Arlington, VA


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